Santori & Peters Difference

With 86+ years of combined experience, Santori & Peters, Inc. offers independent and personalized wealth management advice to select clients. We are your independent financial advocate. By providing education, utilizing state of the art technology and providing options and what-if scenarios, we enable you to make informed decisions regarding your financial future.

Never has the philosophy of the Roman’s been more appropriate than it is today: Times change and we change in them (tempora mutant et nos mutamur in illis).

Some of the changes were predictable, most were not. Did you ever imagine being able to buy music on your iPhone or that GM would eventually go bankrupt? Of course not!

Because times change, we need to adapt. This is especially true in the world of financial planning and investment advice. As your expectations change, our services shift to meet your needs. EMoney is a great example of how we’ve introduced a new tool to satisfy your needs – as a client of Santori & Peters, you now have one, consolidated webpage to access all of your financial accounts.

During the journey of Life, you may need help to clarify and gain control of the bigger picture. If we can help you gain that understanding and control, we are doing our job by making your life simpler.

As a reminder, we have always stood for the following and are always on the look out to add more value added services:

  • We are your advocate. We help you navigate and organize the multiple issues that your family may face. From retirement plans to making sure your assets pass onto the correct heirs, we assist you in simplifying the life you want.
  • Providing you with education. We have ongoing Seminars, Weekly and Quarterly newsletters and breaking-news bulletins.
  • We give you options for today’s and tomorrow’s life events. We play out future scenarios and show you some “what if” scenarios. We like to provide you with seamless, end-to-end solutions – true planning integration, not just quick answers.

Finally, and most importantly, we remember that you want to delegate responsibilities, but you want to maintain total control. With the integration of eMoney, you have daily view of all of your accounts.


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