Benchmarking Your Way to Investment Success

Success in life is often times about perspective, and this truth follows suit in the investing realm as well.  The performance of your investments can be deemed good, acceptable or poor, depending upon the performance of the funds around you.  This is where benchmarking plays its role.  Benchmarking provides a common way to assess the performance of the market as a whole, but it can be a great tool to assess the performance of individual […]

10 Different Hobbies to Enhance Your Retirement, Part II

In Part I of this article, we discussed the importance of finding new and meaningful ways to spend your time so that your retirement years will be just as rewarding as your working years. Just as with the activities we reviewed in the first part of this article, including puzzles and games, traveling, volunteering, collecting and teaching. I’ve aimed to provide you with a variety of hobbies and diversions — some of which are aimed […]

10 Different Hobbies to Enhance Your Retirement, Part I

Whenever prospective, hopeful or even the wistful members of the workforce are asked what aspects of retirement they’re looking forward to the most, hobbies consistently rank high on that list. But saying this and actually doing it are two entirely separate things. After devoting the better part of your life to punching the time card at the daily grind, some new retirees just don’t know what to do with themselves now that they have an […]

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