How It Works

The Professional 401k Advantage – Personal Wealth Management Integrated with a Turnkey 401k Plan

Designed for partners and owners of profitable and successful professional practices, the Optimum 401k Advantage provides a comprehensive process for creating and managing an optimum 401k plan.

A comprehensive step-by-step process divided into six stages:

  • The Retirement Plan Evaluator
  • The Retirement Plan Optimizer
  • The Fiduciary Shield
  • The RFP Manager
  • The Edu-tainment Experience
  • The Wealthcare Monitor

The Optimum 401k Advantage enables you to maximize your retirement planning and integrate it with your personal financial goals while at the same time providing a valuable benefit for employees.

Based on Santori & Peters over 60 years of experience in advising and servicing affluent professionals, the Optimum 401k Advantage provides a full complement of institutional investment tools and capabilities in a turnkey package that can transform the burden of providing a 401k into a true financial opportunity.

Among the very first fee-based financial planners in the nation.

For The Optimum 401k Advantage, Santori and Peters charges a quarterly fee which is a percent of assets under management based on total portfolio size.

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